Wednesday, January 06, 2010

two oh ten

Happy New Year everyone! Pretty sure most of us had a good new year celebration. For me, no firework this year..just hanging out with my beloved friends and meeting the ever-funny-Tampin..haha..mmg x kering gusi la bak kate!

2010 is gonna be a whole new era for me. my sister is getting married, i'll be married this year (imagine the to-do list *sweat*) + getting a new family + new raya place, i'll be having another baby cousin, i'll be travelling to Germany with my MD for the very first time..and so on..gosh i'm excited and terrified all at the same time!

As for the wedding preparation, of course, i still have a lot of things to do. Haven't confirm on the photographer yet, no nikah outfit yet or even design or even the material, no bunga pahar yet, no a lot of things :(..But for now, let's focus on my sister's wedding first :-) and learn from there..hehe..

As for the slimming down process..i'm still on no rice & no santan diet, change on the weight yet..(dammit!)..not sure if i'm doing it all wrong, but i figure i lack of exercise and the low metabolism is not gotta boost that up and i should be shedding off soon..(please fat, go away!)..anyone wants to sponsor me slimming programme?..

on the other hand, i found out 2 of my bestest friends are planning to go abroad. SAD! but i wouldn't want to hold their chances and will be praying for their very best. So i wish all my beloved a prosperous year and another good year together!

ohh, is officially 7th month of me being Mr Q's tunang..yee~ <3

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