Wednesday, January 06, 2010

two oh ten

Happy New Year everyone! Pretty sure most of us had a good new year celebration. For me, no firework this year..just hanging out with my beloved friends and meeting the ever-funny-Tampin..haha..mmg x kering gusi la bak kate!

2010 is gonna be a whole new era for me. my sister is getting married, i'll be married this year (imagine the to-do list *sweat*) + getting a new family + new raya place, i'll be having another baby cousin, i'll be travelling to Germany with my MD for the very first time..and so on..gosh i'm excited and terrified all at the same time!

As for the wedding preparation, of course, i still have a lot of things to do. Haven't confirm on the photographer yet, no nikah outfit yet or even design or even the material, no bunga pahar yet, no a lot of things :(..But for now, let's focus on my sister's wedding first :-) and learn from there..hehe..

As for the slimming down process..i'm still on no rice & no santan diet, change on the weight yet..(dammit!)..not sure if i'm doing it all wrong, but i figure i lack of exercise and the low metabolism is not gotta boost that up and i should be shedding off soon..(please fat, go away!)..anyone wants to sponsor me slimming programme?..

on the other hand, i found out 2 of my bestest friends are planning to go abroad. SAD! but i wouldn't want to hold their chances and will be praying for their very best. So i wish all my beloved a prosperous year and another good year together!

ohh, is officially 7th month of me being Mr Q's tunang..yee~ <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

About Wedding Plan, etc

I have another 6 months or so to plan for my wedding..for now, i have done 60% planning only..haha..just booked mak andam, which will include pelamin, make-up & baju photographer yet, but the mak andam told me that there will be a wedding photographer expo in maybe I will go to the fair. Shopping spree will be in December, i hope & dieting is still in progress (ye ke?)..haha..

I have FINALLY settled with shades of concept will be a white wedding with shades of purple. I really don't want too much of purple or it'll turn out to be a Barney's wedding theme..(-__-"). This is my inspiration.

aren't they the prettiest?

this month is pretty hectic. My weekends are all occupied. This weekend - off for kursus kahwin, next week - appointment with mak andam in Melaka, next next week - off to Shanghai for company trip..fuhh..

Anyway, check out this cool bag..worn by my very own Dan Humphrey..hehe..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


it's around 7 months (more or less) from my wedding date and i haven't done current concern right now is my weight..reality kicks me in the ass today as I calculated my ideal weight. Yesterday nite, I watched Oprah about her weight problem over the years. She said "When you have weight issues, your life in not balance".. is my life not balance?

Putting that aside, today, I've decided to take things into my own hand..this is what i'm going to do..

1. write everything that I eat..just to keep track of how much i've eaten and reduce it.
2. start a jogging routine every weekend. get up early and work those fats off..(my cinta, we jog together ok? please drag me if i'm lazy (^_^)Y)
3. start an everyday 10 mins at least exercise..that can't be hard, right? that's all i'm going to do for this time. Of course, this is the starting point..i will try my very hardest to lose my extra 10kg!..GAMBATTE!

Monday, September 07, 2009

tankies + fishies

another long weekend for me.. :-)..a good rest at home and cooked some meals too..good job (a pat on my back)..tried daging merah recipe..senang je!..haha..turns out nice! and did some karipap and air longan..yummm...

anyway, yesterday i visited Jalan Pasar..en Tunang told me about this street that sold fishes..a lot of fishes..since our 3 aquarium has some space and Bob & some friends wanted to go there too, we joined them. Man, finding a parking is hard!..but when i saw the little and not so little fishes everywhere, it just made my day..from guppy to koi fishes to gold fishes and patin, toman (not nana's friend..hehe), ikan buntal..semua ade la bak kate! we end up with 20 ekor guppies, 4 ekor ikan sungai and 1 golden dragon koi..yippie!!..check out my tanks!!!

and yes nadiah..your fishes are still least 3 of them (2 gold fishes & 1 dbkl)..haha.. await me..gtg..have a nice day people!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan

saya masih berpuasa..alhamdulillah..:-)

puasa this year is more relaxing for me..beli food pon xde la byk sgt..nasib baek ade encik tunang nak kawal..haha..kadang2 masak sikit2, buat cookies sikit2..buat brownies utk shaxu..tapiiii..x dpt jumpe shaxu..jadi wa makan sorang...(no more, shaxu..sambil jari gerak ke kiri kanan)..

haritu ade incident karipap. en tunang belikan karipap sardin from pasar ramadhan. nampak macam elok je. bukak puasa, makan karipap. gigit skali..mane sardin??..makan lagi sikit...mana sardin??..tgk sket kat dalam karipap..KOSONG...inti sardin nye kalau dikumpul pun, besar lagi taik idung..camne la bole jual camni di kala bulan posa ni?..ish ish..

semalam masak kari itik..sangat byk pulak..hantar lauk ke upm..haha..mlm ni nak berbuka dengan busu, boboy, akak & en tunang..

saye bosan. mungkin cuaca buat saya macam ni. bapa Aidid pergi hari fatihah utk bapa aidid. semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Tuhan. Amin.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

mellow, slow, tido

i don't know why..these 2 days have been a bit mellow for me..slow..sad..exhausting..mengantok..xde semangat la bak kate.. i need something colorful..i need excitement..i need baju like this..haha..damn i hate today!

i think if i can choose, i'd like to be a, flowy dresses, headband, messy type of hair..i just love it..ok..i'm officially sleepy..need to play Farmville harder!..ngaaa~~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

nuang and more

I'm aching all over. ok fine..not all..just the leg part. (^_^)Y. last weekend, we all went for a trip to Nuang. Student en. tunang also joined us. As most of us are girls, we need more man power to help us..byk tu brg nak bawak..I would say that I am sooo thankful that they joined us..a gazillion thanks to them for helping us all the time..

the journey up was killing me..haha..i was about to cry whenever i see a steep road ahead..but i'll just go with my pace and en. tunang is with me all the time, ckp "sikit lagi..sikit lagi"..(^_^)..he would stay behind me to make sure i don't fall or slip from the slippery track..thanks love!..well i didn't make it to the top..looking at the time limit and my slow pace, i don't even aim for the top..maybe next time..(yeah right!)..

I'm kind of surprise of how comfortable i am in the jungle..hehe..but the sound of the birds, crickets, ungka, etc are kind of scary~~..(-_-")..mula la nak pikir macam2..anyway, all in all, i would say i love the trip, despite some unplanned kejadian, everything went well..and most importantly, everyone is safe..(^_^)Y..

unfortunately, the next day, i trapped myself at home between my door and grill..great..just great! i took the wrong sets of keys and i locked the door, so i'm stuck in between..with some McGyver moves, i managed to free myself from the grill..haha..sampai bawah..hujan pulak!!!..wadehel..redah je la..

i think i'll start my wedding blog again soon..tinggal 10 months more before the big day..and i haven't done a thing..where should i start?..HELP!!!..